ASUS tinker board

ASUS tinker board

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Attribute Value
Processor 32 bit ARM Cortex-A17, 1800 MHz
Graphic ARM Mali-T764 GPU
RAM Memory 2 GB RAM
USB 4x USB 2.0
HDMI yes
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
WLAN 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n)
Bluetooth 12
Contact points 28 GPIO pins, S/PDIF, PPM

Random notes


Get image
Insert 8GB SD card
diskutil lis
#in my case disk3

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk3
sudo dd bs=16m if=TinkerOS_Debian.img of=/dev/rdisk3 seek=0 conv=notrunct

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk3

Activate SSH

It looks like ethernet is offline by default.
Connect a display and a mouse. Don't power off while it is booting for the first time. This seems to lead to corrupted configruation files.
The display stays black during booting.

Use the mouse to aktivate the netork in the bottom right corner.

You search the Tinker board from your machine inside your local network (in this example
nmap -sn | grep linaro
Nmap scan report for linaro-alip.home (

By default these services are 
nmap -P0
22/tcp   open  ssh
80/tcp   open  http
3128/tcp open  squid-http
8080/tcp open  http-proxy
use ssh
ssh linaro@
#pass: linaro
Some default tasks:

sudo su


add ssh-key if you have one

echo 'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA0J27cGQDggf6/Knf0/cyXNygD27/fecpNR512Ko61YWDlJcJ3m1DWzFf2opLaXdNFhMVRIvlFbeEPUyNuVCpc01OeAh4sRQzJ4cLS7c07aSGtJP73tSa6hKZr4If1UckEVRCjjzA2lYKVrYhiS8jyvqshYBdjwC67vF6oThRP93H1jiA0yVUx+S+JkfLkbTqy7urXGbkCGbZ7CHjJfYvlMeCD1rQTgnIspmNJb0/PNSDQL1ErqOb7uEyPzAIZ3PvLl+OMAN0aWpeKeevZzm61JqzYOlGtBXhUvVyMOIqPDcIljI+dVcZeXSmz4kK5ff/Q27M1vfAhIqL5LbkB1fYkQ==' > .ssh/authorized_keys
Do what the offfical manuals says:
sudo apt-get update
# Install Python 3 idle:
sudo apt-get install idle3

cd /home/linaro/Desktop/ASUSTinkerBoard.gpio-0.1/
sudo Python install

ls /home/linaro/Desktop/ASUSTinkerBoard.gpio-0.1/test
ls: No such file or directory