Energenie EG-PMS2-LAN provides four power sockets. They can be individually powered on or off via LAN.


Energenie EG-PMS2-LAN uses DHCP to get an IP. You can determine the IP by checking your DHCP or namp with a "no port scan" (-sn or in previous nmap releases -sP)

Inside a network:
1) Disconnect Energenie EG-PMS2-LAN from power and log available nodes in the network (while network cable is connected)

nmap -sn > notconnected

2) Power on the Energenie EG-PMS2-LAN (wait 30 sec) and check again the available nodes in the network

nmap -sn > connected

3) Check the difference of these two files

diff notconnected connected | grep scan

(If there was no IP, try it again - nmap no port scan is not 100% reliable). Connect to the IP with a web browser:

                # password:1


I changed the follwing options:

  • Switched to a static IP
  • Changed the web-interface password
  • Server name

If you forget to logout the device is locked until the session timeoput. Name for "Socket 4" cannot be changed.


I used the EnerGenieSwitcher from Florian Arndt and Ulf Haase to create a webservice for the Energenie EG-PMS2-LAN