Robot Driver


Wombat is a powerfull UGV. The frame is designed and built from scratch with a MIG welder to perfectly match the size of the batteries and motors.
This UGV is powerful enough to easily tow away a car. The tapered front can strike holes in various objects.


Attribute Value
Frame Self made / MIG welding
Wheels 4 x NPC-PT5306 14 inch flat-proof wheel from with NPC-PH448 Hub
Motors 4 x NPC-T64 Motor (24 / 36 Volt) from
Length 125cm
Width 74cm
Speed Controller 2 x RS160D Robot Controller from
Battery 4 x maintenance-free lead-acid battery CSB 12V 39A from
(min. Voltage for cut off: 11.5V. 24h after charging: >12.7V)
RC JETI RC (update to APM 2.5 is planed)

First Tests